Portfolio Category 3D Real-Estate

Layan Film

تسويق مباني سكنية - commercial building marketing
Have you imagined being able to fly and maneuver within your own project? We in Media Octopus adopt this creative mindset and turn it into realistic material. This 3D Animation exhibits the feature and aesthetics of this project in a unique way

Al Shoruoq

اعلان عقاري - real estate advertising
Our role in Media Octopus was to produce a 3D Animation for our customer targeting to sell developed real estate pieces. After receiving and collecting necessary data we presented our scenario and storyboard, then moved into drawing, lighting and Animation, then delivering the final product in the form of this film that you see. Making it an effective marketing tool that helps presenting and visually elaborating on the project which in turn helps in the sale process.

Lyzawan Walk

انشاء ثري دي عقاري - 3D real estate construction
The 3D Animation features creative touches that reflects the Identity of the project, which features high-end coffee shops and restaurants all surrounding the lake and fountains

Ewan Al Qayrawan

ثلاثي الابعاد سكني - Residential 3D
After Receiving the masterplan from Retal Company. We drew a virtual reality of Ewan Al Qayrawan project and transformed it into a 3D Animation that let’s you see the entire project in front of you


اعلان سكني تجاري - Residential Commercial Advertising
The Media Octopus team began Producing a 3D Animation of the Remas Project, which is distinguished by its unique location. As it is located next to King Abdullah Sport City Stadium, the Holy Grand Mosque Road, and the Medina Road


ثلاثي الابعاد عقاري - 3D realestate
At the request of Alsoliman Real Estate, Media Octopus produced a 3D architectural film to market the Marbella compounds at a very early stage of construction. Which really paid off as multiple commercial and residential units were already sold when the project was still in foundation stages, making it a huge success in terms of providing the client with the right marketing tool and at the right time

Aalley Makkah

تصميم فيديو سكني - real estate ads
One of Media Octopus’ team many marvelous creations, this project, planned on an unleveled land was a great challenge that we overcame. Developed by Sumo, we provided a 3D Animation of this huge real estate project to facilitate its marketing by providing a great marketing tool

OCS Factories

فيلم ثري دي ماكس - 3d max movie
we drew all the details of this project after receiving the masterplan and the brand, in order to produce this promotional film, which showcases the composition of the factories and the infrastructure. Those were the key marketing elements our client wanted to concentrate on

Flea Market

فيلم ثري دي بيع وشراء -3D movie buying and selling
We prepared the scenario and the storyboard -as we usually do- to produce this 3D Animation which tells the tale of the oldest neighborhood in Hafar Al-Batin and how it transformed from abandoned into a thriving modernized flea market in the center of the city. The customer wanted a high quality simulation of his aspirations in order to help get approval for this project from the principality

La Palma

إنشاء فلم عقاري - real estate movie creation
This project excels in showcasing a modern lifestyle. And we in Media Octopus love non-traditional and creativity. so we presented our customer with a unique experience simulating his aspirations, as we created a seamless and realistic environment and lifestyle of the modern Saudi family